Customised Outsourced Project Solutions for your organisation's core functions

Futurelink Outsourced Projects takes responsibility for the running of your entire project or workflow, from HR to workforce and production management.

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Outsourced Projects

Our Outsourced Projects Division specialises in customised solutions for processes such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics etc. Futurelink takes holistic, outcomes-based responsibility for your entire project/process including the total HR; administrative, payroll, IR and workforce element, as well as overall supervision and management that will ensure our client’s quantitative and qualitative objectives are met.

By using Futurelink Outsourcing Projects, you are able to focus on your core value offering while we concentrate on ensuring internal objectives are accomplished. Our service includes constant reporting and communication which ensures key accountabilities are met. This has a direct savings impact on our clients.

End-to-end Outsourced Projects mean you can focus on your core business while we handle everything else

We manage everything from HR and payroll to daily production and workforce management

Our customised solutions means each project is tailored to your specific business requirements

Offer you a professional, effective solution to your immediate and long term needs.

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    Why Choose Futurelink?

    Offer you a professional, effective solution to your immediate and long term staffing needs.

    Over 20 years experience in running multi-disciplined contracts and projects on a national level.

    Customised and end-to-end solutions.

    What Our Clients Say

    Albert du Preez

    National Human Resources Manager

    SSC Group

    "I have been dealing with Futurelink for almost 9 years now and Melinda has been the epitome of professionalism when handling my numerous requests over the years.The Futurelink team is always courteous and quick to respond to requests and I can definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a professional staffing service."

    Craig Sexton

    Accounting Division Manager

    The MAJV

    "I have been doing business with Futurelink since 2001. Their service has always been one of dedication and commitment. They understand my specific employee requirements and consistently provide great service."

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